The Boston Whaler narrative begins with Richard Fisher and his inspired new construction method

Boston Whaler was founded in 1958 by Harvard graduate Richard Fisher, who teamed up with his naval architect friend C. Raymond Hunt to design and build the first twin-sponson 13 foot Boston Whaler. What was innovating about Fisher’s design is that he injected foam into the boat’s hull.

Right after launching it in the water, he tried to destroy it by driving it up rocky rapids and cutting it in half. It was at that moment that Boston Whaler’s would be forever known for their unsinkability. That legend continues in sunny Florida, where the company builds a wide range of models up to 42 feet in length.

Today, Boston Whalers are so much more than unsinkable. They empower its owners to enjoy the water exactly on their own terms and with complete confidence.

Richard Fisher
Richard Fisher