Full Service Options:

– Heated Inside Storage –

We can now offer heated indoor winter storage for 80 boats up to 48 feet.  

Take advantage of the many benefits that this offers; higher potential trade in values, less wear and tear on canvas, less clean up time in spring, and tons more!  

Since your boat isn’t shrinkwrapped, take the opportunity to get some service done.  Perhaps your canvas needs some work, your engine needs a tune up, perhaps it’s time for water pump impeller replacement.  Preventative maintenance means less downtime in season keeping you on the water and not in the service shop. Email us for more information.

Heated Inside Storage  $10.50 ft2  Winter Season (November 1 to May 15)  or  $2.75 ft2/month Summer

*boat measurement is length overall including trailer



– Outside Winter Storage – 

Outside Winter Storage   $6.50 ft2
 Inside non-heated Storage   $7.50 ft2
Includeshaul out and launching 
 shrink wrapping
 (no services)
Personal Watercraft$350.00
Outboard Motor$75.00
Shrink Wrapping$20.00/ft (door access $40)
 Haul Out & Block (Travelift) $12.00/ft.
 Lift & Launch (Travelift) $12.00/ft.
 Haul Out (Corner Lift) $75.00