Sharing some exciting Marketing News

Here at Ed Huck Marine, we believe we offer the best boats and boating products in the 1000 Islands region and have the services and people to match. Over the last 3 years we’ve been very active in refreshing, re-launching and celebrating our 127 year old brand with the help of McLellan Integrated and sister company Love this River. We wanted to ensure we were using all the right ways of connecting with our customers … ways that work for them to find things that interest them and help enrich their lives … “Beyond Boating”. Our website, microsite, river-fun videos, newsletter … even our hats and T-shirts were part of the new mix and it’s been great.  Our efforts have been received extremely well with great customer involvement in a lot of our River storytelling.

Happy clients and their good feedback are the ultimate reward, but it’s also heartening to know that our goal of communicating more effectively has been recognized externally as well.

In October, we learned that our Branding and Strategic Marketing efforts were awarded a Platinum Marcom Award for excellence. The Marcom Awards is an international competition based in Texas and this year had entrants from 34 countries. Platinum is their highest award level which seems just about perfect for the EHM team and our customer family!

McLellan Integrated and Love this River support a lot of our favourite projects, from Aquatarium, Save the River and the Thousand Islands Association.

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