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WAKE-ing up to High Water

If you haven’t returned to the River yet this season, you’re in for a surprise. Unrelenting rain and historically high water levels throughout the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River System have dramatically altered our shorelines and sent surging water into many Riverfront homes. As I write this message to you, our gas docks and some of our covered slips are underwater.Our top concern is for the safety and well being of both our employees and all of you as you travel to island properties and manage the swollen waters around your home. We encourage everyone to use safe boating practices and watch for lots of debris in the water. While you stay safe, our dedicated crew will take care of your boats here at the marina.In response to higher waters, we have shuffled boats to our floating docks to avoid any damage. With respect to boat deliveries, we recommend to our customers who are on Islands that they verify if their docks or boathouses are able to accept their boats in the near term. If not, we will leave the boats in storage until the time is right. For those who have boats at the marina, it might create the need for some dock shuffling for a week or two until the waters recede so please have patience. Either way, we will manage this situation together.Our boating community is essentially a large group of neighbors and friends who come together at times like this to help one another. With shore walls inches above the waterline (if at all), we all need to pay extra attention to our WAKES. A boater’s excessive wake will damage your neighbors’ shorelines and homes. Any time you are navigating near shorelines or narrow channels it is essential to reduce speed to DEAD SLOW / NO WAKE to show respect and ensure safety.If you have questions about high water levels and how they affect your scheduled boat launch or dockage, please email our service department. In addition, we will continue to share updates and photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.When I sent you a message in our March newsletter, I shared my enthusiasm about the fun we would have this upcoming boating season. My excitement for boating in Summer 2017 remains. Together as safe and smart boaters, we will manage the high waters and create lasting boating memories.This newsletter includes an introduction to our new business partner, a preview of Boston Whaler’s 230 Outrage and Manitou pontoon boats, important customer service updates due to high water levels, scheduled marina events, as well as new services and members of our Crew.

Products to Discover:
Boston Whaler
A Boston Whaler for Every Occasion
Meet the new 230 Outrage, the latest Outrage to join the family. A Deeper Vee-hull and innovative seating are just two of the reasons to get excited. If you’re looking for something smaller, or larger, we likely have it in stock. From 13′ Super Sports to the new 42′ Outrage, we have them ready to go
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The Innovative Manitou Boating Experience
Manitou offers V-Toon technology, raising the capabilities to challenge an entire industry. By placing a center tube 5.25 inches lower than the sides a V shape is created. They’ve engineered a hull that heels into a turn like a racecar on a banked track.Better hole shots, quicker planing, higher top end speeds, unrivaled handling, and increased stability in rough waters are hallmarks of the Manitou V-toon hull. No empty promises, just pure performance unanticipated from a pontoon boat. Several models have been ordered and will be delivered in June.
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EHM Update:
Introducing Mark Dalton – Our New Business Partner
Business and boating are two of Mark Dalton’s greatest passions! The current President of R.E. Hein Construction, and founder and President of VCL Construction and Ontario Rental and Supply, Mark developed a love of boating early in life. Starting in his teens, Mark took to sailing and scuba diving as a way to fuel his need to be near and in the water. This early start led Mark to take every opportunity he could to spend time in and on the water. Since his early adult years Mark has owned various types of boats and has been a long-time client at Huck’s. Mark’s love of boating and business made the opportunity to be part of the Ed Huck ownership and management team an exciting, natural and easy decision.
Customer Service Updates Due to High Water Level
Yes, water levels are an issue. Lake Ontario has received 4,000,000,000,000 (that is TRILLION) gallons of rain since April 1st and levels have risen 9” since May 1. We understand the challenges this has created for picking up boats and want to assure everyone that boats on shore are safe and sound. We will not be charging for additional storage through the end of June.The high water has shut down the fuel and pumpout dock, keep an eye on our to see when the dock is above water again. The River water has also flooded our holding tank/septic system so all washrooms are shut down and we are using Porta Potties on the west side of the shop. We are asking that all boaters use extreme caution on dock entrances and in parking areas, as many are underwater and slippery. In addition, please be aware of the risks associated with submerged electrical sources and switches as water levels rise above docks and throughout boathouses, never swim or walk barefoot near docks!As we continue to launch, we ask for a week’s notice to ensure your boat is ready and clean for pickup. Please contact Ryan for boat launching and Sue for Sea Doo launching. Please remember some boats have been in the water for more than a month, and we suggest that you check to ensure batteries are still okay.
We feel fortunate to serve the best boating customers on the River. To show our appreciation, we have planned several water events to bring everyone together. It is our way of saying thank you for being a part of our boating community! Be certain to mark your calendars so that you can join us.
May 27, 2017
Opening Ed Huck Marine, “Let’s Start Summer” Party
June 10, 2017
Women On Water (WOW) Training with Scott
July 15, 2017
Whaler Rendezvous
August 19, 2017
Cruise-Away Weekend
August 26, 2017
Sea-Doo Ride for Dad
For more information on Women on Water, or to book your time slot for 1-3 participants, please email Angela. Space is limited to 18 participants; book your reservation before Wednesday, June 7th.
EHM Debuted a New Auto Detailing Service on May 8th
Our promise, Beyond Boating, is to meet your service needs both on and off the water. With that commitment in mind, we’ve added experienced auto detailers to our Crew to offer professional auto detailing service to boaters who have parked their car for a day while boating out on the water. Regardless of the kind of vehicle, car, truck, van or SUV, the Crew will give the interior and exterior the care and attention it deserves.
For details on our cleaning packages, rates, and to book an appointment, email Ryan.
Vessel Valet Service is Available for Summer 2017
This exciting new Valet Service offers boaters, who use their boat for a few days but aren’t able to return for a couple of weeks or longer, expedited access on and off their boats and indoor storage until they return.There are many conveniences of this Service including: boat is gassed up and at the Vessel Valet Dock Grid when you arrive; use of the designated Vessel Valet Car Parking; and indoor storage in a safe, secure, climate-controlled building. In addition, the marina Crew hauls out your boat and stores it inside to prevent rain, water line and the sun from beating up your boat’s finish. This Service accommodates boats from 20’ to 45’ and Express Boats.
Email Peter 24 hours in advance to book this seasonal Service.
Our Crew Continues to Grow
With the addition of Dave Lamothe, Ryan Paul, Brad Anghelescu, and Angela Sawyer, our Crew now totals 23 full-time members. To learn more about each member of our Crew, please read “Meet Our Team” on our website.7 summer students, including Matt Warren, Lauren Kerans, Kelly Buell, Vanessa Marion, Maddy Nowlan, Kallie Snelling and Hannah MacCrimmon will also work at the marina and gas docks this summer.
There are more exciting Updates to Come, keep an eye on your inbox for our next newsletter - Click here to go to the MyMarina Website
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