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A picture is worth a 1000 words…and some free stuff as well!

The EHM crew asked our friends at McLellan Integrated to help create a special reminder of the fantastic summer of 2016. We want to feature your memories and here’s how this works:Send 1 to 3 of your favourite pictures of the amazing 2016 summer to or tweet them to @EdHuckMarine. We will be sorting through them and selecting a few for some cool prizes. Pictures with boats, Sea Doos, people swimming, laughing, jumping, fishing, kayaking, dogs being dogs … it’s all good! We will be making a cool video using your pictures that will be posted on our website. We’ll also create a collectible poster (18” x 24”) that will have everyone’s photos included as part of a Summer 2016 mosaic. It’ll be a perfect reminder of family fun and perfect for the cottage wall! So open up that laptop and start clicking us your favourite pics.Speaking of McLellan Integrated, congratulations to their team on their recent international platinum marketing award for their work on EHM branding, website, microsite, videos, newsletters and more.

DEADLINE: December 31, 2016. Entries should be JPEG images that are as large as possible (ideally just as they came out of your camera). Please ensure your email program is not scaling them down before attaching them to your email.

January 20 – 29, 2017
Toronto Boat Show
Want to cheat Winter and start the boating season early? We do too! Meet us at the Toronto Boat Show. Whether you’re thinking of a new boat, looking for that perfect thing-a-ma-jig or just want to catch up with your boating friends, it all happens at the Boat Show. You’ll find the EHM crew in your favourite booths: Cobalt, Tiara, Boston Whaler, Sea Doo, Rossiter & Stanley. Find discount Boat Show Hotel options here.
Products to Discover:
“The times they are a changin”
Sea Doo
Cobalt continues to be at the forefront of industry changes. Come see Cobalt’s new 25SC outboard at the Toronto show, as well as the new R3 and R5 Wake Surf Boats. In case you missed it, wake surfing is the new IT activity for kids aged 5-75. Surfing is performed at slow speeds behind a FWD facing drive on a boat with built in one-touch ballast tank and advanced wake tab technology, just like Cobalt’s Surf R3 and R5, your next “do-everything” Cobalt.
EHM Update:
Giving Back. What’s important to you?

Photo credit: @EdHuckMarine

Most of us would agree that we live an amazing life and have had an abundance of good fortune. We live in a world class playground and have our family & friends to enjoy it with. Most would also agree that this life doesn’t just happen by chance, it takes effort and in most cases re-investment.Peter and I have focused our “Giving Back” efforts on these local organizations, representing health care, education and the sustainability of our environment. Learn more about these great groups, by clicking on the logos below, and please help support our River community.

Winter settles in on the River

Photo credit: @scubamr

I know, no one wants to talk about Winter, but it has arrived in the 1000 Islands and the timing couldn’t have been better. The last of the shrink wrapping is being completed, the boats are winterized, winter work has been organized and our storage buildings are full!Although Chris and Sue have a busy schedule of work already planned for the winter season, please let them know if there is anything you would like us to look at or quote and they will quickly respond. The marina will be closing for The Holidays from December 16th to January 9th, and then open Monday to Friday until the Spring.Don’t let the Winter season stop you from watching the River, you can follow conditions year round with the EHM live cams.

What does Full Service mean to you?
It is obviously a term thrown around by most businesses these days, full service. But to the crew at EHM, it is something we all work at year round. This is what it means to us: “If you’re a boater willing to reward us with your support, we will take care of ALL aspects of your boating experience”.Learn moreThere are more exciting Updates to Come, keep an eye on your inbox for our next newsletter - Click here to go to the MyMarina Website
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