Rockport, Ontario – July 12, 2015 – More than 60 residents of the Thousand Islands came together Friday to support a healthier St. Lawrence River.

Canadian and Americans attended a reception at the Scenic Lodge in Rockport to hear a presentation from the American environmental group, Save The River.

Save The River has been working since 1978 to preserve and protect the St Lawrence, and was instrumental in halting plans for winter shipping on the Seaway.

Peter Johnston, co-owner of historic Ed Huck Marine says “I firmly believe that the health of the St. Lawrence knows no boundaries, so I wanted to help make Save The River better known on the Canadian side of the river.”

The organization’s executive director, Lee Willbanks, said “Canadians and Americans need to work together to reduce threats to the river, including outdated management of water levels, toxic chemicals and invasive species.”

“It’s not as if Save The River is a stranger to the Canadian side of the river,” said Willbanks. “We are already working with Canadian environmental groups to get a ban on the use of small plastic microbeads in personal care products..”

Willbanks told the gathering that Save The River wants to build on its success, and help both Canadians and Americans protect the Upper St. Lawrence River. ”Threats to water quality don’t recognize national boundaries.”

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