2017 Interiors

R7 Surf Series

If you want to get the most out of your sports boat, consider the Cobalt R3, R5, and R7 Surf Series.  The new Forward Drive Technology from Volvo Penta offers VERSATILITY, COMFORT, and PERFORMANCE.

The Cobalt Surf Series give you the best active boating experience whether it is cruising, docking, performance, and especially wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing and skiing.  Surfing is safe and comfortable because the Forward Drive puts the props up under the boat.  Passenger comfort, both on and behind the boat, is improved with less noise and exhaust as the Forward Drive is under the boat.  Adjustable trim allows you to improve the wake for any water sport and to trim the drive down to cruise, dock or fish.  The ultimate wake and better fuel performance are achieved because this new technology produces better bite, acceleration and speed in a more efficient and smooth manner.

From cruising to water sports, the R Series boats do it all!  All models are on order.  For photos, videos, Specs and to download the Fliers, Click Here

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