Models that have the thermoformed acrylic finish (CM-TEC)

Yesterday, we received a notice from Sea-Doo, dated April 16th, 2018  to owners of Sea-Doo watercraft built using thermoformed acrylic finish technology (CM-TEC) focusing on the care and maintenance of the paint finish on these watercraft.  Models that have the thermofilm layer are :

  • 2017 GTR-X, GTI (900 ACE), GTS, RXP-X & Wake 155 – decks only
  • 2018 GTI, GTS, GTR, RXP-X – decks only
  • 2018 GTX, RXT, Wake – hull & decks

Specific care must be taken while washing, polishing and refueling your watercraft. Certain abrasive cleaners and solutions are not formulated to be compatible with the acrylic finish and therefore, Sea-Doo recommends avoiding certain products as they can scratch and even weaken the surface causing small surface damage called “crazing.”  In addition, Sea-Doo recommends that owners make sure to thoroughly clean fuel spillage by simply wiping out the excess because failure to clean fuel spillage may also cause “crazing.”  Do NOT use cleaners such as:

  • BRP HD Cleaner and Degreaser (P/N 293110001)
  • Acetone or other ketones
  • Alcohol
  • Toluene or other aromatic solvents
  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Mineral spirits
  • Paint thinners
  • Petroleum based products

Sea-Doo recommends a cleaning product to use on Thermofilm (779266 Cleaner Surface Pro C2) and we have it in stock for $10.99.

To read the complete letter from Sea-Doo, Click Here

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